NeuroSemantics training in india

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If you are looking for NeuroSemantics training in India then there is one option NLP Coaching Academy, the only NLP Academy in India which runs classic NLP + NeuroSemantics training programs.

Classic NLP + NeuroSemantics training in India is facilitated in an integrated fashion by NLP Coaching Academy where a person gets to understand the roots of NLP, how it transpired into NeuroSemantics, and learn it in a manner where the material is easy to absorb, applications discussed, and understood in an experiencial format. At the end of the program the participants are well versed with NLP, NeuroSemantics, Meta Coaching, Coaching Essentials, models of Coaching, with proper structure of how to coach, and models of Coaching, leading to Certification under American Board of NLP, International Society of NeuroSemantics, and International Coach Federation.

Meta NLP has taken the NLP Training World by storm, and it has enabled many NLP trainers to enhance their NLP knowledge, and how they express it during the program, leading to amazing personal transformations during the program, which continue in their personal and professional lives. Meta NLP which started off as application to NLP to self, later on found many takers and it has found place amongst the top nlp trainers in the world, especially in Mexico, Eqypt, Brazil, Netherlands, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Australia, and Malaysia.

In India Vikram Dhar is the only Licensed Meta NLP Trainer, and NLP Trainer, who is certified by 4 different accreditation bodies of the world, and thus the programs facilitated by him are of great value, and at fantastic price.

The program is designed in such a manner that a participant gets value for money, gets to attend an affordable top quality NLP, NeuroSemantics, and Coaching program with Vikram Dhar, best NLP Trainer of NLP in Asia. Many people say that this is the easiest way to spend time with Vikram Dhar in a class room based program at that price, as his personal one to one, done very selectively for Celebrity clients, are very very expensive.