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Our testimonials of past participants will give you an idea in terms of what to expect from our NLP Bootcamp.

This is the most comprehensive program comprising of Classic NLP topics and new NLP topics which have been developed in last 40+ years of NLP, and facilitated by incorporating styles of various NLP Masters (Dr Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Steve Andreas, Charles Faulkner, Sue Knight etc.).There is focus on application of NLP Applications in: Leadership, Sales, Coaching, Counseling, and Business and on advanced level Coaching topics approved by International Coach Federation (ICF).

This program is facilitated by leaders in NLP and Coaching. All our facilitators are Licensed NLP Coaches (Certified by Dr. Richard Bandler), and Certified NLP Trainers with Business, Coaching, Counselling, Sales background to provide you end to end knowledge of how to use NLP for Self, and how to grow into a thorough NLP Professional.

    Speakers of the Event

    We’ve got expert’s with varied experience

    All our coaches are Licensed NLP Coaches (Certified by Richard Bandler), and all our Licensed Behavioural Trainer (LBT) are highly experienced with number of years of experience. Our speakers come with extensive Training and Coaching background.



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    Program ModuleCertification DetailsIndividual

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    NLP Practitioner (7 days)

    (This is Seven certification program)

    Dates: September 16 – September 22

    Time : 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    1. Certificate of Training (60 Hours) towards Associate Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) + 10 Hours of Mentoring for becoming a successful ICF ACC level Coach.
    2. Certified Associate Leadership & Executive Coach recognised by International Coach Federation (ICF) under Continued Coach Education (CCE) hours.
    3. Certified Life Coach recognised by International Coach Federation (ICF) under Continued Coach Education (CCE) hours.
    4. Certified Organizational Development Coach recognised by International Coach Federation (ICF) under Continued Coach Education (CCE) hours.
    5. META NLP Coaching Essentials recognised by International Society of Neuro Semantics (ISNS).
    6. NLP Practitioner certification recognised by American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists (IAPCCT).

    7. Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy recognised by American Board of Hypnotherapy 

    Priced at Rs 1,28,000/- (Early bird)

    Trainer: Vikram Dhar
    NLP Master Practitioner (9 days)

    Dates: September 23 – October 1 

    Time : 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    1. NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP)

    2. Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy (ABH)

    3. Neuro Semantics Practitioner (ISNS)*

    Program Cost: Rs 1,45,000/- (Early Bird)

    Trainer: Vikram Dhar

    Licensed Behavioural Trainer (Pre-requisite: 9 days of Master Practitioner + Project Work + Training assignment),

    Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 4th October 2023

    Time : 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    Licensed Behavioural Trainer (LBT) (IAPCCT & NLPCA)

    Program Cost: Rs 41,300/- (Early Bird)


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