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NLP Practitioner (April 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25) - 2019
Six days NLP Practitioner – NLP (April 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25) - 2019
What you will Learn in Certified NLP Practitioner Workshop
  • NLP Presuppositions (Beliefs of Excellence)
  • The Communication model (Deletion, Distortion, and Generalization)
  • Sensory Acuity and Calibration
  • Rapport building
  • Milton Model (Conversational Hypnotic Patterns)
  • Application of Milton Patterns to increase your Business Sales
  • Persuasive Language to get what you want from other
  • Parts Integration (Resolving conflict)
  • How to become a Powerful speaker
  • Representational Systems
  • How to get rid of bad memories
  • Meta-Programs (Toward-Away, Big-Small Chunk, Match-Mismatch, Associated-Dissociated)
  • Perceptual Positions: How to understand others better, and avoid conflicts
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Sub-Modalities
  • New Behavior Generator
  • Anchoring (Access resourceful states, whenever required)
  • Collapsing Anchors
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Reframing
  • Time Line Basics
  • Coaching using Timeline
  • Aligning with your purpose
  • Logical Levels
  • Walt Disney Strategy
  • Six Step Reframing
  • Godiva Chocolate Pattern
  • Introduction to coaching models
  • Metaphors (Structure & Creation of powerful metaphors)
  • Meta Model (How challenge influence the constraints that people put for themselves)
  • Core Coaching Tool
  • Coaching with Values
  • Group Coaching Tools
NLP Master Practitioner (April 27 to May 4) - 2019 (8 days)
Dates (April 27 to May 4) - 2019 (8 days)

Master Practitioner is where you get to the core of NLP. NLP is about modelling excellence. In Master Practitioner you will learn how to consistently produce results you desire for yourself, and how to facilitate those results for your Coaching clients. You will learn about the attitudes, behaviors, states, beliefs, values, purpose that drive you to get results and learn from others in terms of how to get the results you seek.

The program will enable you to Master the skills learnt during your Practitioner Program, and new skills to deepen your NLP and Coaching knowledge. This is a Dual Certification Program where we will go through more in detail how NLP can be used to Coach. Along with that we will go through various other application of NLP in modern day business:

  • NLP and Leadership Development,
  • Use of NLP in Sales as Sales Coaching,
  • Conversational Change work to induce change at Unconscious Level (Milton Model),
  • How to use NLP effectively to improve Presentation Skills.
  • How to use NLP effectively to improve Learning (Accelerated learning techniques)

As part of this program you will do a NLP Modelling Project (with three people that you want to model) on a topic of your choice – result that you are seeking for yourself.

Program Content:

We will go through various modelling methods in details:

  • Symbolic Modelling using David Grove’s Clean Language
  • NLP Behavioral Modelling using Logical Levels (inspired by Gregory Bateson)
  • David Gordon’s Modelling Method (Experiential Array, and Elicitation, Stepping in Array and Belief elicitation)
  • odelling using NLP Strategies
Advanced Sub-modalities:
  • Sub-modality Distinctions
  • Mapping Across using Sub-modalities
  • General Patterns, Tests
  • Sub-modality Interventions
  • Swish Pattern Variations
  • Timelines and applications
  • Shifting the Importance of Criteria
  • Sub-Modalities Patterns
Advanced Strategies

A strategy is any series of internal and external experiences which consistently produces a specific outcome. Advanced Strategies will be explored during the program, which is again very important for Modelling excellence.

  • T.O.T.E Model
  • Strategy Elicitation
  • Strategy Utilization
  • Strategy Design
  • Strategy Installation
Advanced Meta-Programs

Meta-programs helps you understand how people sort and make sense of the world. They also help you understand your own values, beliefs and behaviors.

Change your own limiting meta-programs: If you have a way of processing the world that’s limiting your success, find a way to consciously adapt. You will explore identifying your own meta-programs during the program, and changing them in ways that will benefit you.

Identifying of Meta-Programs & Strategies

  • Decision Strategy
  • Motivation Strategy
  • Convincer Strategy

Perceptual Positions and their Meta-Programs

Changing Meta-Programs

Advanced Beliefs

During the program we will explore how Beliefs are formed and how they impact you. How to change limiting Beliefs and how to set powerful Beliefs.

  • Belief Change using Sub-Modalities
  • Walking Belief change process
  • Conversational Belief change process
  • Re-Imprinting
Advanced Language Patterns

During the program we will explore how Milton Model language patterns that are also part of the Meta Model (reversed) be used to create powerful hypnotic sub-conscious level messages to induce change conversationally. This is such an important part of Coaching, and can be used for Sales, with Kids etc.

Along with reversed Meta-Model additional Milton Model language will be practiced.

Additional Milton Model language patterns

  • Negative Commands
  • Metaphors and Stories
  • Ambiguities
  • Causal Linkages
  • Conversational postulates
  • Embedded Commands
  • Negative Commands
  • Restriction violation
  • Milton Model Tag questions
  • The Double Bind
Coaching using Metaphors

During the program we will explore how Metaphors can be used for Coaching.

Coaching framework

During the program we will explore States, Advanced Timelines, Advanced Anchoring, Visual Squash, Parts Integration, Working with Values, etc.

Accelerated Learning Techniques

During the program we will explore various Accelerated Learning Techniques: Thought Mapping, Whole Brain Learning Technique, Brain Gym, Memory Improvement Techniques, Stages of Learning, Exploration of learning methods, and learn how to determine which one suits a person, How to create learning associations to learn faster.

Along with the above mentioned topics we may include any other topic(s) which we feel will benefit the participants, based on the need of the group. NLP is about flexibility and we maintain that flexibility in all our programs.
Upon completion of the program you will receive following certificates:

NLP Business Master Practitioner                                                                                                      Certified NLP Coach
Certificate in Provocative Coaching
Certified Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis
ICF Approved Certified Accelerated Learning Coach

Franchise Option for School of Accelerated Learning:

Once you have finished Accelerated Coach Topics + Accelerated Learning Techniques (which is in-built into Master Practitioner Program) you can take up Franchise for School of Accelerated Learning and you can run a 3 months course accredited (School of Accelerated Learning) course program (1.5 hours weekly – 12 Sessions) of Accelerated Learning for Kids with our provided course material.

School of Accelerated Learning (

Certified NLP Trainer (Master Prac + May 5) - 2019
Dates (April 27th to 5th May)

NLP Trainer level is where you train others in NLP. NLP is about modelling excellence. As an NLP Trainer you will demonstrate the NLP attitude, positive behaviors that motivate others, manage your state, and have solid beliefs and values that others want to model. Have a bold purpose for self that drive you and encourage others to get results and learn, practice, and get better results for their clients and themselves.

A. Duration of Training:

Minimum of 130 hours of advanced training through Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level.Completion of Modelling project with minimum of 3 exemplars (Person whom you are going to model for a particular skill or behavior).

A minimum of 20 hours of direct trainer supervision to design training sessions. This has to be demonstrated during NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner level.

B. Satisfactory demonstration of the following behavioral competencies:
  1. Demonstrate complete competence in all Practitioner and Master Practitioner level skills, ability to do any and all practitioner and master practitioner techniques simultaneously both overtly and covertly.
  2. Demonstrate capability to shift between content and experience to engage participants.
  3. Ability to be flexible in design of experience, and demonstrate what one is teaching and to teach what one is practicing.
  4. Demonstration of Presentation and Facilitation skills:
    • Rapport Building Skills with the audience.
    • Respect for audience. Keeping in mind the Pre-suppositions of NLP and responding based on
      participant’s map of the world, at a conscious and unconscious level.
    • Ability to answer questions, by managing your State as a Trainer.
    • Design of presentation: This must at least cover: Setting opening and closing frames, setting outcomes, chunking of information, sequencing of information, balancing content and experience, balancing self-discovery time of participants, keeping track of time.
    • Design of experience: Ability to work both at conscious and un-conscious level with the participants while creating the experience, including previously learned material for cumulative learning, including future pacing.
    • Explanation of exercises including the ability to explain an exercise by demonstration without the use of notes or printed material.
    • Use of stories to create engaging sessions, and ability to work at un-conscious level.
    • Should demonstrate Sensory acuity in terms of incorporating overt and covert feedback from the group, while keeping up with his/her values and outcome for the group participants.
    • Graceful intervention in groups to facilitate a deep learning experience, providing feedback as appropriate, directly or indirectly to move them towards the outcomes that they desire. Use of Provocative Coaching and Coaching with Humor during the program to deliver pattern interrupts to facilitate learning.
    • Ability to hold participants attention. Using a mix of storytelling, demonstrations, experiential activities, games etc.
  5. Demonstration of a personal style, and charisma; incorporating new techniques, new methodologies, and integrating those skills into his/her own behavior.
  6. Demonstration of deep understanding of the process of NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner level.
Supervision Criteria Details

After completion of your Master Practitioner level with extra sessions for those who will be going for NLP Trainer Level, you will receive Associate NLP Trainer.

Supervisory hour’s completion:

Option 1 (Preferred option for better mentoring):

You can co-facilitate with our already existing NLP Trainers/Coaches during our regular programs, and complete supervisory hours, and receive feedback about your progress. You will be required to present 3 times (Once in three different programs), and post that you will be elevated to full Certified NLP Trainer level.

Option 2 (If you can’t come and co-facilitate with us):

You can run your own two days programs (In this option, only 2 days is allowed to be run) using NLP and share the details (Name, e-mail, and phone number) of the participants and independent feedback will be sought from them in terms of your progress.

After completion of three Diploma Programs and getting positive feedback (65%), working and incorporating feedback from other Supervisory Trainers within the Association, you will be elevated to a full Certified NLP Trainer Level, and can run different programs. You will work as a Trainer with the Association, and your participants will get certificates from the association, association membership, while complying with the rules and values of the Association.

International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists


International Association of Professional, Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists is a professional body which promotes to collectively make a positive difference to society by promoting the positive benefits of Coaching, NLP, Counselling, Therapy, and encouraging fellow members and training organizations to deliver their Coaching, Counselling, and Trainings in a professional, responsible and congruent way.


Our association ethics go a long way in driving professionalism and our commitment to encouraging best practices in the field of Coaching, NLP, Counselling, and Therapy.

We are very particular about our ethics, values and encourage our fellow members to share the same.

We make sure that we attract genuine professionals to be part of our journey, and drive our Mission, Vision, and following our Ethics, and Values.

We welcome professionals from different school of thoughts, and have representatives from different domains as well.

As an organization, we have a clear and strong set of values that underpin everything we do, and these also drive our Mission, Vision and Aims.

  • Credible
  • Professional
  • Ethical
Association Rules and Certification Guidelines

Trainer level certificate will be issued for three years, and after three years you will have to renew it again. Renewal will be Free of cost.

After achieving trainer level you can conduct NLP programs under the association rules and guidelines. Association will support in terms of Training material, content and support in running programs. If you want to design your own material, you will have to submit that to the association and get a feedback on that.

Once the program is complete (2 days, 5 days, 9 days) you will have to submit the name of the participants, and certificate with logo, will be issued by the Accreditation body.

Certificate Issuance and membership cost per participant: 2 days Diploma Certificate (Rs. 600), this will include membership (Free for one year) of the participant on Association website displaying their certification status. If you are running a corporate program (2 days/2+ days), which covers aspects of NLP, and is named differently, you can still issue a NLP Diploma certificate.

Certificate Issuance and membership cost per participant: 5 days Practitioner Certificate (Rs 2500), 9 days Master Practitioner (Rs. 5000) this will include membership (Free for one year) of the participant on Association website displaying their certification status.

Association will take independent feedback from the participants in terms of quality of trainings delivered. At a bare minimum you have to ensure (60-65%) positive feedback.

Accreditation Cancellation

If at any point you are found resorting in illegal distribution of certificates, distribution of certificates to people without conducting the programs, or resorting to means that are against the values and ethics of the association your accreditation will be revoked.

Association Details

Our association has working members from US, Canada, UK, Dubai, Kuwait, and India

Advanced Hypnosis (May 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) - 2019

Advanced Hypnosis (May 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) - 2019
Certificate issued by Business NLP UK

Option to take Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis signed by Bandler (Rs 18000/- extra) - See program pricing for details under pricing section

Productivity Blueprint - Getting results the Agile way (May 12) - 2019

Productivity Blueprint - Getting results the Agile way (May 12)-2019
Issued by Business NLP UK
(Trainer Michael Beale)

Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (May 14,15,16)-2019

Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (May 14,15,16)-2019

Trainer: Vikram Dhar and Dr. Anju

Advanced Coaching (May 17,18,19) - 2019

Advanced Coaching
Certificate in Advanced Diploma in NLP
Issued by Business NLP UK
(Trainer Michael Beale)

Option to take Advanced Diploma in Coaching signed by Bandler (Rs 18000/- extra) - See program pricing for details under pricing section


Our testimonials of past participants will give you an idea in terms of what to expect from our NLP Bootcamp.

This is the most comprehensive program comprising of Classic NLP topics and new NLP topics which have been developed in last 40+ years of NLP, and facilitated by incorporating styles of various NLP Masters (Dr Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Steve Andreas, Charles Faulkner, Sue Knight etc.).There is focus on application of NLP Applications in: Leadership, Sales, Coaching, Counseling, and Business and on advanced level Coaching topics approved by International Coach Federation (ICF).

This program is facilitated by leaders in NLP and Coaching. All our facilitators are Licensed NLP Coaches (Certified by Dr. Richard Bandler), and Certified NLP Trainers with Business, Coaching, Counselling, Sales background to provide you end to end knowledge of how to use NLP for Self, and how to grow into a thorough NLP Professional.

    Speakers of the Event

    We’ve got expert’s with varied experience

    All our coaches are Licensed NLP Coaches (Certified by Richard Bandler), and all our Certified NLP Trainers are highly experienced with number of years of experience. Our speakers come with extensive Training and Coaching background.



    See what you get during event

    Program Module Certification Details Individual

    Program Link

    NLP Practitioner (6 days)

    (This is five certification program)

    Dates: April 20 – April 25






    Diploma in NLP (ABNLP, NLPCA, IAPCCT)

    NLP Practitioner (ABNLP, NLPCA, IAPCCT)

    Advanced Diploma in NLP Coaching (NLPCA, IAPCCT, ICF-CCE)

    Certified Associate Leadership and Executive Coach (NLPCA, IAPCCT, ICF-CCE)

    Certified Wellness Coach (NLPCA, IAPCCT, ICF-CCE)

    Priced at Rs 46500/- (Early bird), post that Rs 65000/-

    Trainer: Vikram Dhar











    NLP Master Practitioner (8 days classroom + Post program: Reading Assignment + Modelling Assignment)

    April 27 th – May 4 th












    Certified NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP, NLPCA, IAPCCT)

    Certificate in Provocative Coaching (NLPCA and IAPCCT)

    Certified Group Peak Performance Coach (NLPCA and IAPCCT)

    Certified Accelerated Learning Coach (NLPCA and IAPCCT)

    Certified Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis (NLPCA and IAPCCT)

    Diploma in New Code NLP(NLPCA, IAPCCT)

    Certified NLP Coach (NLPCA, IAPCCT)

    Program Cost: Rs 78000/- (Early Bird), post that Rs 90,000/-

    Inclusive of membership and franchise to School of Accelerated Learning (

    Trainer: Vikram Dhar














    NLP Trainer (Pre-requisite: 8 days of Master Practitioner + Project Work + Training assignment),

    April 27 th – May 5th (Total 9 days)



    Certified NLP Trainer (IAPCCT & NLPCA)

    Program Cost: Rs 40,000/- (Early Bird, post that Rs 55,000)/-

    A special program on May 5th: Success Mastery and Guerilla Marketing for Business Sucess with Vikram Dhar 

    Trainer Completion criteria: Person has to complete Master Practitioner training days, Modelling project post the program, and co-facilitate as a Trainer in one of our program locations, or independently take NLP Training, and submit feedback






    Advanced Hypnosis

    (5 days)

    May 7th – May 11th 

    Certified Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis (Business NLP, UK)

    Rs 45000/- (Early Bird), post that Rs 55000/- 

    Trainer: Michael Beale



    Productivity Blueprint

    (1 day)

    May 12 th

    Diploma in Getting organized the Agile Way (Executive Coaching Global, UK)

    Rs 12000/- (Early Bird), post that Rs 14000/-

    Trainer: Michael Beale & Vikram Dhar



    Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner

    (3 days)

    May 14, 15, 16

    Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (NLPCA and IAPCCT)

    Rs 28000/- (Early Bird), post that Rs 35000/-

    Trainer: Vikram Dhar and Dr Anju



    Advanced Diploma in Coaching

    (3 days)

    May 17, 18, 19 

    Advanced Diploma in Coaching (Business NLP, UK)

    Rs 28000/- (Early Bird), post that Rs 35000/-

    Trainer: Michael Beale & Vikram Dhar




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