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NLP Practitioner (6 days)

(This is five certification program)

Dates: April 20 – April 25








Advanced Diploma in NLP Coaching (NLPCA, IAPCCT, ICF-CCE)

Certified Associate Leadership and Executive Coach (NLPCA, IAPCCT, ICF-CCE)

Certified Wellness Coach (NLPCA, IAPCCT, ICF-CCE)

Priced at Rs 46500/- (Early bird), post that Rs 65000/-

Trainer: Vikram Dhar











NLP Master Practitioner (8 days classroom + Post program: Reading Assignment + Modelling Assignment)

April 27 th – May 4 th












Certified NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP, NLPCA, IAPCCT)

Certificate in Provocative Coaching (NLPCA and IAPCCT)

Certified Group Peak Performance Coach (NLPCA and IAPCCT)

Certified Accelerated Learning Coach (NLPCA and IAPCCT)

Certified Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis (NLPCA and IAPCCT)

Diploma in New Code NLP(NLPCA, IAPCCT)

Certified NLP Coach (NLPCA, IAPCCT)

Program Cost: Rs 78000/- (Early Bird), post that Rs 90,000/-

Inclusive of membership and franchise to School of Accelerated Learning (

Trainer: Vikram Dhar














Licensed Behavioural Trainer (Pre-requisite: 8 days of Master Practitioner + Project Work + Training assignment),

April 27 th – May 5th (Total 9 days)



Licensed Behavioural Trainer (LBT) (IAPCCT & NLPCA)

Program Cost: Rs 40,000/- (Early Bird, post that Rs 55,000)/-

A special program on May 5th: Success Mastery and Guerilla Marketing for Business Sucess with Vikram Dhar 

Trainer Completion criteria: Person has to complete Master Practitioner training days, Modelling project post the program, and co-facilitate as a Trainer in one of our program locations, or independently take NLP Training, and submit feedback






Advanced Hypnosis

(5 days)

May 7th – May 11th 

Certified Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis (Business NLP, UK)

Rs 45000/- (Early Bird), post that Rs 55000/- 

Trainer: Michael Beale



Productivity Blueprint

(1 day)

May 12 th

Diploma in Getting organized the Agile Way (Executive Coaching Global, UK)

Rs 12000/- (Early Bird), post that Rs 14000/-

Trainer: Michael Beale & Vikram Dhar



Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner

(3 days)

May 14, 15, 16

Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (NLPCA and IAPCCT)

Rs 28000/- (Early Bird), post that Rs 35000/-

Trainer: Vikram Dhar and Dr Anju



Advanced Diploma in Coaching

(3 days)

May 17, 18, 19 

Advanced Diploma in Coaching (Business NLP, UK)

Rs 28000/- (Early Bird), post that Rs 35000/-

Trainer: Michael Beale & Vikram Dhar