NLP Certification in Bangalore

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NLP Certification in Bangalore

Over the last couple of decades, professionals across the globe have used many skills, tools and techniques, to understand and bring change in human behavior as required.

Many psychometric tests, assessments have been developed to understand the psyche of human beings and create self-awareness. It gives us an insight into who we really are.

NLP Certification in Bangalore is an NLP Program run by NLP Coaching Academy Bangalore which gives you access to many such techniques that will help you understand yourself, why you do what you do and how you can bring about a change in your life that you want to.

While psychometric tests and assessments show you a mirror of who you are, NLP goes one step further and helps you understand ‘what makes you who you are?’, ‘Why the mirror shows what it shows.?’, ‘What makes you click as a person’, ‘What ensures that you get right results for yourself when you want to’, ‘How do you focus on things that matter’, and most importantly, ‘How can you be better at things, and ensure success in your own way’. It will also help you in figuring out, if you are happy and satisfied with who you are or if would like to see any changes in the image that you see of yourself.

While many trainers, facilitators, counselors, coaches, psychotherapists, are helping people in bringing the desired changes in their lives by using different tools and techniques, NLP certification in Bangalore gives you an edge over all these. It is a packaged solution developed in various models and methods, after a thorough study of concepts, tools and techniques that have been used by all the above over the years. It has gained so much popularity over the last few decades that many coaches, trainers, counselors and therapists are using NLP as an additional or rather a primary support to their services.

NLP uses different methods based on the need of an individual. Some of the methods mentioned below will give you an idea of how this works.


  • Mental map: Each one of us is unique and by that, we all have different perceptions about the world around us. Different perceptions about people, objects, things, situations, almost everything. NLP uses these perceptions to help us understand what our thought patterns are and why we behave how we behave. This understanding helps us analyze whether these perceptions are helping us move ahead or holding us back; thus affecting a change. Basically checking the mental maps and routes and changing it if required.
  • Modeling: This is as simple as role modeling. While many a times we take a very casual approach towards talking about our role model and what we like about them; NLP goes miles ahead in describing the mental map of the model you have. Understanding the depth of the behavior, attitude and other aspects of the personality whom you appreciate and replicating them in order to succeed. One could use modeling for replicating oneself also; which means using the understanding of ones strengths and successful side and modeling it for future.
  • Anchoring: This works on the concept of response to stimuli. Most of our actions and experiences get associated to some kind of emotion or feeling. This association is referred to as anchoring in NLP. With this technique one can deliberately create an anchor to trigger desired reactions in particular situations where a person is looking forward to have better control.

There are many others NLP Techniques and concepts; meta model, Milton model, representational systems, future pacing, swish, reframing, etc. NLP certification in Bangalore will give you a plethora of NLP Techniques in your kitty to make use of.

Use of this technique doesn’t limit you to adults or business. You can use NLP for any age group for any kind of change you need in personal or professional life of any intensity. The key is that the individual involved should be willing to make a change and also the understanding of how to use the skill has to be gone thorough. To know more about how NLP can benefit you, contact us for NLP certification in Bangalore.